Products - Sediment Test Cards

TC800 & TC900 Products

Type Two (Sediment Test Filter is Bonded to Card)
For use with Model KL 1.25 Sediment Tester

Product Numbers: 
TC800 (cream/viscous fluids), TC900 (laboratory & scorch particle testing of reconstituted non fat dry milk, etc.), TC900B (blank on top for your own imprint or data),TC 919 (USDA milk grading chart). 

Quantity: 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 1o,000, 25,o0o or 50,000

Product Detail: 

E-Z Lock TC800 Sediment Test Card
Filter:  Spunbond polyester reemay

Porosity:  400 CFM/sq.ft/0.5 water drop
Nominal micron:  15-25

E-Z Lock TC900 Sediment Test Card
Filter:   T-1313-1210 white dry laid, chembond solid color non-woven
Fiber: 100% 1.5D rayon
Binder: 100% acrylic latex
Weight 2.48-3.03 oz./yd²
Thickness: 17.0-21.0 mils
Air Permeability: 135-235 Cfm/sq. ft 

Wet Mullen Burst: 21.0-24.0.  
Meets USDA rating requiring a hold-back rate of 75 microns. 

Pictured below (left to right):  TC919, TC900B, TC900, TC800

TYPE ONE (Used with Individual Sediment Discs)

These have 1.5 inch circles to assure positioning of 1.25 inch wet discs and perforated bottom with locking slot. 

Product Numbers: TC 100, TC 100B, TC 104, TC 200, TC 300 TC400
Suited for testing milk, cream, cheese, butter, etc. 

Product Number 300 is same as above but imprinted for milk and methylene blue. 

Quantity: 1,0o0 Test Cards, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 50,000

Pictured below (left to right): TC300, TC200, TC100B, TC100

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